CounterAttack! 2015

Game Day & Tournament

This is our third year for Chicagoland's CounterAttack ASL tournament and game day. Similar to last year, CounterAttack will be a one day ASL tournament and wargaming competition. All are welcome to enter into the tournament, or simply attend the event and get in a few ASL scenarios. The event is currently scheduled for Saturday, November 14th, 2014 in Wauconda, Illinois.

● The CounterAttack Main Tournament consists of eight players competing over three rounds. Plaques will be awarded to first and second places.
● The Squad vs Squad Battle will see members of NIASL and ASLSO competing in a head to head team contest. As members of each team win battles in the CounterAttack Main Tournament, they will score points for their team. The team that scores the most points at the end of the day will claim the Squad Battle trophy. Last Year NIASL claimed the title over ASLSO, will they be able to defend their Championship, or will ASLSO avenge their 2014 defeat?.
● The Tank Killer award goes to the player who amasses the most kills on AFVs during tournament gameplay. A plaque will be awarded to the best tank hunter of the day. Last year the mighty Brian Martuzas claimed the tank-killer prize.

CounterAttack Main & Squad vs Squad Battle Tournament Brackets
A) Doug Bennett (NIASL) vs Rich Spilky (ASLSO)
B) Mike Stubits (NIASL) vs Zach Emberton (ASLSO)
C) Joe Celebuski (NIASL) vs Eric Ortega (ASLSO)
D) Brian Martuzas (NIASL) vs Jim Serafin (ASLSO)


What? The 3nd Annual CounterAttack! Tournament
When? Saturday, November 14th. Doors open at 0800.
Where? Wauconda, Illinois (address upon request)
Cost? $10.00

To register, contact Tournament host Joseph Pellam at

Scenario List

Compiled by the immortal Matt Book

Round One: 900-1300

Round Two: 1300-1800

Round Three: 1900-Close