ASL Southwest Outpost [ASLSO]


Advanced Squad Leader in the Southwest suburbs of Chicago. Naperville, Bolingbrook, & Romeoville area. Whether you are just learning or an seasoned veteran, we welcome you to play a game with us! We meet Sunday afternoon at 1251 Windham Parkway, Romeoville, IL 60446

New to ASL Battle, but not Green

In 2014 the ASL Southwest Outpost was formed almost spontaneously, stating as a couple guys coming together to prepare for the 2014 ASL Open. Soon four people were meeting regularly, among them the group's founding trio of Zach Emberton, Bill Forg, & Eric Ortega. Bill said, "We should be a group!" and there it was. Focusing on face to face games as they believe that is the best part of the ASL gaming experience, the group meets at least once a month. They are eager to assist and teach new players as it is a great way to help new players and a good method of learning the game.

ASLSO and NIASL share a friendly rivalry, with players often travelling into enemy territory for battle.


**Contact info to be added shortly.**